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Keep Sobriety Barge Sailing – Urgent Repair Appeal

Keep Sobriety Barge Sailing – Urgent Repair Appeal

Goole’s Yorkshire Waterways charity appeal aims to carry out urgent repairs to the historic barge Sobriety which offers residential canal trips for disadvantaged children.

The historic coal carrying barge Sobriety was originally converted in 1973 to offer residential experiences on the Yorkshire Waterways for disadvantaged children. Over the years it has been modernised and is now a unique resource to connect young people with their waterways heritage. The barge is based at the Yorkshire Waterways Museum in Goole which is the most inland working port in the UK. During this summer a series of primary schools have benefited from a week long residential to the National Coal Mining Museum to link the coal mines with the port from where the coal was transported by barge.

As a primary school were starting their journey in July the barge suffered from mechanical failure meaning that it now needs urgent repairs including a new gear box and diesel injector pump. Without the success of the appeal children will be unable to continue to enjoy this experience and learning opportunity as the charity does not have the money to repair the barge.

If they are successful in achieving their funding goal the trips will resume and the people who have supported the appeal will be able to follow the progress of Sobriety either on their website or as a visitor to the museum. There are 13 days left to raise just over £4,000 for the repairs.  If you’d like to support the effort to get Sobriety back on the water then please visit the crowdfunding page at:


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