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This is a Freedom of Expression Centre – Hull City of Culture

This is a Freedom of Expression Centre – Hull City of Culture

Patrick Brill OBE RA, better known as his pseudonym Bob and Roberta Smith, is a British contemporary artist, whose best known works include: Make Art Not War, which belongs to the Tate collection; and Letter to Michael Gove. Bob and Roberta Smith see art as an important element in democratic life. Central to Bob and Roberta Smith’s thinking is the idea that campaigns are extended art works which include a variety of consciousness raising artefacts.

Bob and Roberta Smith’s Freedom of Expression is now on show in Hull, exploring the degrees of freedom experienced by artists around the world in This is a Freedom of Expression Centre which runs from Friday 4th August to Sunday 3rd September at Hull School of Art and Design.  An entire month of Hull 2017’s Look Up programme focuses on activity exploring the nature of modern protest, freedom and restriction experienced by artists from across the globe and the role of art and arts education in reinforcing the democratic process. Look Up is programme that challenges people’s perceptions of Hull and offers unique ways to explore and experience the city as part of a yearlong programme of art made specifically for the city’s public spaces and places.

Workshops, talks and a special performance by the artist’s Apathy Band on Sat 2 September will also feature. Further information is available at:


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