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City of Culture 2017 – One Day, Maybe

City of Culture 2017 – One Day, Maybe

A new interactive theatre production is taking place in Hull this September as part of the UK City of Culture 2017 celebrations. One Day, Maybe is the latest show from site responsive theatre company dreamthinkspeak. It takes place in a multi-story office complex from 1st September – 1st October 2017.

This production centres on the UK launch of a Korean global technology company on the 30th anniversary of the Korean Sixth Republic. The company spearheads a range of new technologies for international governments and multinational commercial organisations, including gaming experiences and interior navigation apps.

For each performance, the company will throw open its doors to the general public where you will be allowed to explore private areas and offices as well as laboratories where you will test and participate in the technologies that are being developed.

One Day, Maybe is inspired by the May 1980 Democratic Uprising in Gwangju, South Korea, an important event that paved the way for democratic rule and the birth of the Sixth Republic in 1987. Shining a light on this particular point in history, it is set largely in the present day and looks at the modern world we all inhabit from the perspective of May 1980.

As the audience is drawn deeper into this labyrinthine technological world, they find themselves slipping between past, present and future, tumbling back to the aftermath of May 1980 before stumbling forward towards a bright but uncertain future.

The production is a site responsive work. Audiences should expect to be amongst a small group of people, walking through the performance in a multi-storey building. The experience will last for approximately 2 hours.

Many of the slots are now selling out and few remain so you need to be quick to secure your place for a session. Visit


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