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Children’s University – could you be a mentor?

Children’s University – could you be a mentor?

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Could you be a mentor to help inspire young people?

The recently expanded Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University (HEYCU)  is looking for volunteer mentors to help inspire young people in the local area and make a difference to their lives.

The HEYCU is a charity that works with primary schools in areas of disadvantage, providing a wide range of learning experiences outside the classroom for children who would never otherwise have chance to take part.

The charity has recently expanded into the East Riding, where it is now working with 10 schools.

The learning experiences it has already provided range from taking a group of children to London for a sleepover with the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum,  to visiting Parliament or visiting local businesses to learn more about their work.

The learning experiences are led by the Children’s University tutors, with mentors supervising and supporting small groups
of children.

The mentors, who come from all walks of life, act as positive role models for the children, helping  to build their confidence and helping to inspire them to achieve their potential.

Mentors can volunteer for as little as a day a year, or as many days as they wish.

Natasha Banke, director of the Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University, said: “We help children believe that they
can achieve their dreams and give them the confidence to try.

We believe that every child is intelligent in different ways – they just need the opportunity to discover their hidden talents and ignite their aspirations for the future.”

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor can contact HEYCU by email, at  ring (01482) 466045 or call into 65 Salmon Grove, Hull HU6 7SZ for more information about what is involved.


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