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Tony Wade – Solo Exhibition at Junction for Rawcliffe Born Artist

Tony Wade – Solo Exhibition at Junction for Rawcliffe Born Artist

Thanks to Funding from Arts Council England Tony spent the summer of 2018 walking the entire length of the boundary of the Wakefield District . Every few miles he stopped to paint on three boards, what he could see from the boundary looking out. There were no initial sketches, just paint and all the paintings were completed on that day in that landscape. He also interviewed people as he went. He wanted to know what they thought about this invisible line that both divides and unites communities. After a walking journey of over 171 miles Tony was back where he started from and had created a panorama of 60 paintings.

This exhibition contains all 60 paintings in 20 free standing triptychs exhibited in a circle and represents a complete view of the Wakefield District boundary looking out.

Tony says “I’m really grateful to be able to bring Boundary No Boundary to Junction, Goole. I feel I’m able to complete the journey started early in 2018 and bring together the two places I calls home.”

The Exhibition open  on Tuesday 20 August and continues through until  Saturday 31 August (excluding Sunday 25 August)

Open daily from 9.00 am to 3.30pm

20th August – 31st August
9am – 4.30pm daily


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