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West Park nominated for UK’s Best Park Award

West Park nominated for UK’s Best Park Award

West Park is often described as the jewel in Goole’s Crown. Following a lot  of dedication from local volunteers the Park is popular with many groups and individuals and offers a wealth of pleasure for the entire community.

As a result, West Park now finds itself in the running to be named the UK’s park of the year. The Awards are ran by Fields in Trust and celebrate green spaces in the UK .  The A|wards also highlight the importance of green spaces to local communities.  364 parks can be voted for in 2019.  Georgina Petty, Chair of Friends of West Park, nominated Goole’s jewel.

Georgina said: “West Park is a great focal point for the town, and provides a perfect community gathering space. I have seen people say I don’t know where West Park is or what is on offer there, so it seemed a perfect opportunity to let locals know what is going on and try to get as many people to come visit the park. I have always thought we should not take it for granted.”

Regardless of whether the park wins or not, Georgina says it is still a fantastic way to inform the community that Goole is home to a fantastic green space, open for everyone.

“To me, whether we win or not, it is a great way to make people more aware of the lovely park that we have right on our doorsteps. In 1926, Goole had its centenary and the park was decorated to reflect that. In 2014 Friends of West Park was formed to promote the space and encourage wider use of the facilities.”

“The park really is quite unique, it has its own café and the Green Team have come in and helped us set things up so it’s a perfect space which is open to all the community. People come along and they are surprised, which is a great compliment.”

Voting closes on Monday 19th August, and you can place your vote by visiting


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